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There is a lot to be encouraged about at FCH. We continue to be blessed despite all that is going on in our country. Here are some things to thank God about:

1) Jesus is still our Lord and Savior

2) God is still on His throne and hears our prayers

3) We have not had a Covid outbreak at FCH

4) We are back in the Sanctuary on Sunday morning

5) We have excellent teachers and preachers

6) Bible study groups and discipleship classes continue online

7) We have had visitors for Worship and classes

8) The Pastor Search Committee is making progress

9) We have been able to maintain our campus

10) The work of ministry goes on  


Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

With blessings, there always seems to be a few struggles. Like most churches, 2020 has been a budget-buster for FCH. The CLC has cut spending to the bone, while keeping the lights and air on and continuing the ministry work of the church, but we are still running well behind in funding the operation of the church. As your Associate Pastor and "Acting Pastor," I ask that all of us search our hearts about giving more during this difficult time. Please do what you can to help us continue with the work God has given us here at First Church Heights. Working and giving together, we will get through this challenging time.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and God bless you.

Pastor Ed


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